Proclaiming Good News is Hard Work


I thought I had shared this one already.  Goes along with my extreme disorganization of late–and part of my ramped up work to get back on track!  Worked out that I haven’t shared it though, because it is great for our party for pastors this week.

Pastors do a darn good job of this, don’t they?  Or at least the good ones are–they are proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ to ALL people.  Bless them, for that is NOT an easy task.   I know it is hard to just come up with short things to say, let alone a full sermon each week.

I mean really–how many of us are good about talking about faith?  And they do it every week, most days, most hours. (They are allowed breaks–we must remember that!) That is a lot of on-time and a lot of sharing.  May they be blessed for all they say and do.

You can kind of tell, the left side of the art is a map print of the middle east.  Let’s pray today for those pastors especially–those people who are proclaiming and being persecuted in those lands, and who are persevering.  God bless them in this very moment.


Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

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