Prayers and Gratitude Week: Dwellings

Scan-012Two reasons for this week’s theme:  I want to share all of these artworks I created with no words (for blank notecards, and I liked the art and couldn’t figure out words to put on them to be honest) and I am a bit crazy getting ready for the holiday retail season.  (Hint, hint–the Etsy shop is stocked!  Click that Etsy button on the right and get Christmas presents!)  So I am not thinking overly deep this week.

But that being said….we are going to pray this week for what is pictured and what it stands for.

So today, take a moment and reflect and pray for the following:  dwellings.  Buildings that are homes, places of work, places of education, places of commerce, places of government.  Let us pray that those buildings are filled with the Spirit and that they are safe and welcoming places for all those who enter them.  Let us be grateful for these places of shelter.  And pray that we bless those buildings and that we are blessed by their prescence in our lives.   Let us pray that they will be harbors of peace and not hatred.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.


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