Prayers for Travel


Let us pray and reflect on travel today.

  • We all travel every single day–to and from in a variety of transportation.
  • There are those who travel for a living–moving goods, services, and people.  They spend their waking hours making our lives easier.  And there are those in the background making that travel work smoothly.
  • There are those we should lift up who make the modes of transportation–the vehicles, planes, and those who work on the roads and tracks.
  • We can lift up those who travel by foot, and for those who require wheelchairs and braces to help them move.

Let us pray that all of us will have safe travels today.  Let us be grateful for the ability to move about and enjoy God’s creation.  Let us be grateful for the opportunity to help the gospel travel.

As you get in a car, train, wheelchair or whatever it is today–be thankful for it and the people who made it possible.  And we pray that it will bless you and others through you this day.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.


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