Prayers: For the Little Things


This could be prayers for food and sustenance.

But I want to make it for the little things in our lives.  Popsicles are a bonus thing–and especially really pretty ones filled with fruit.  They are a bit of a luxury.  In American culture though we often take them for granted as basics.  Basics are rice and water.

What little things in your life make it more enjoyable?  More beautiful?  More joyful?  Do you even notice or pay attention to them? Do you REALLY?

Here is my list:   curtains in my house, the skylight in the kitchen, big windows,  using a straw to drink water, Prismacolor pencils, soft socks, my favorite quilt, a bite of chocolate, Q-tips, fragrant shampoo, really good spatulas and hot pads, thick towels, mint toothpaste, the heat out of the clothes dryer and warm jeans, metal rulers.

Silly little things.  Who prays for that stuff?  I should.  They make my day lovely.  You should.  What are yours?

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

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