Prayers for Paths


We have prayed for dwellings, travels, plants, and the little stuff.  All tangible things.  Today let’s go deeper.  Let’s pray for paths–those behind us and those ahead of us.

I know, I am going all Robert Frost on you today.  Don’t worry it won’t last.

Sometimes we have to pray for our past paths:  that we can accept them, see them clearly, see them through other perspectives, and then let them be for they have already happened and there is no going back.

We pray often for our future paths:  but do we pray for them the same way:  that we will accept our new path, that we will see the path clearly, that we will see the path through other perspectives, and then that we will accept those paths today and in front of us–for we have laid the groundwork for them already.  We are not the only ones in control.  We do not always know best.  We do not.

Let us be grateful that we HAVE pasts.  Let us be grateful that we HAVE futures.  Let us be grateful that they shape us into unique individuals.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.


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