Weaving with God


I am running a little behind the last couple days.  This weekend was insanely busy and yesterday…well I just sat on my couch!  I did sketch for a couple hours.  🙂  But mostly I just sat.  I just needed to rest.

I did this artwork for Bible Stories from the Heart a couple months ago.  I forget exactly what led me to the weaving image.  But the idea of all things, individual pieces, working together, for GOOD–to create something new and beautiful and lasting and STRONGER–it stuck in my mind and made me think of weavings.  I love to do crazy paper weavings with kids. They start out so simple, just basic strips of paper.  But as they weave them together they morph into these incredible works of art, and the more layers and strips and colors they add–the better they get.

And when we make God the warp–the part that holds all of those individual pieces in place–oh, the wondrous things that can happen.  Oh, how strong and deep and wide is the love that binds it all together.  If we use those pieces for His purpose and glorify Him in all we do…then we have much to be thankful for.

I have a lot of art pieces, a lot to be thankful for.

The blog:  thank you to those who read! And to you who comment, or share it on Facebook or Pinterest (I look at those numbers.)

Etsy:  I am continually blessed by the orders I receive for my bits of color, honesty and faith.  Thank you for taking me into your homes.  Thank you for sharing my art–and for sharing God!  Etsy has grown by leaps and bounds–seriously.

Craft Shows:  This weekend was better than last year–up 30%!  Growth is good!  And so many of you lovely bloggy friends came to visit me!!!  I LOVED it–shout out to Mary Anne especially who I had never met before, but has been following for a long time.  She made my day with her special visit to my booth.  All of you who took time out of your busy schedules to come bless me–it meant the world.

Bible Stories:  Leslie came into my life last May, and I never would have guessed God would take us down this path.  We are close to a publishing deal…like REAL hard copies on Amazon and in Christian outlets by April.  People need them some Jesus and art/coloring!  We are all so hungry for that connection and it has been an honor to get to help with that.

Slingshot Publishing:  Haven’t publicly shared this yet–two weeks ago I signed a contract for 25 images that will be made into mostly 11×17 posters and one 24×36.  My line will be available in their spring catalog–and hopefully Family Christian is someone they distribute to, so praying they will pick some up!

Chosen Treasure:  My Malaysian friend has now purchased the rights to 6 artworks and some of them are available now in Asia.  Who knew God would use me to spread His gospel and uplift His people on the other side of the world???  I cried when I saw the first product available this month.

Teaching:  Once a month I have been able to bless a group of women and men with how to add faith art journaling into their own time.  When their face lights up as they sit back from a piece they made, my heart melts.  When they tell me this is exactly what they needed to connect with God more, I feel my connection to Him grow stronger.

So many pieces woven into my art story–and as you know this hasn’t been an easy weaving, it has taken YEARS to put together.  But thank God! I am still weaving, and will keep on keeping on as long as He leads me.


Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.
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