A Season of Broken-ness

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We are in a season of broken-ness here at the Nelson household.  And I mean broken.

The mini-van Jeff drives (which is 13 years old) blew a head gasket last week.

The brakes on my Flex, sweet Felix, needed replaced this weekend.  All of them.

The faucet in the kitchen literally broke off–Jeff was able to sauder it back together.

The inside mechanism in one of our toilets literally broke off.  The plastic just snapped–and it was new last spring.

I swear, EVERY light bulb in this house blew this weekend.  It was crazy–two year life span lightbulbs my arse.  And I think the 30 year life on most of our light fixtures is giving out as well.

Annika split the crotch of her pants wide open.

Jeff has three other trucks for his business he needs to work on.  (It has not been a good vehicle month).

Our furnace was broken–the pilot light needed replaced along with a few other parts.  Luckily my handy husband came to the rescue again.

Jeff has literally saved us thousands in the last month by fixing everything.

AND Chicago weather is bunk–it has been GREY for like two weeks.  YUCK.

But sometimes, we can’t fix things in our life.  Sometimes the broken thing is inside us.  And sometimes at this time of year it seems amplified.

I could be dwelling on all the stuff going wrong lately, and it could be spiraling me down into a depression.  I could let it break my spirit.  But so far it is not.  I am not overwhelmed by these waters.

Thankfully (in part to happy pills I will admit) I am giving things over to God more.  Our pastor joked about that very term this Sunday–how it can seem like bunk.  But for me, it is getting easier and easier and works more and more.  It is not that I say, “Okay God–send us some brakes here.”  No…it is more that I have finally learned that things will get fixed, it will get done in time, we will figure it out in the meantime.  We are blessed by so many other things.  And it will work out–there is no reason to stress and worry and carry on and create more drama and make things worse.  Because that run-on sentence is exactly what happens–it just leads to more broken-ness.  It adds on what doesn’t need to be there.  Especially when we can trust in God.

I pray that this season we are all able to slow down and not let the waters overwhelm us.  Broken-ness will happen of all kinds.  It will, we just have to expect it and accept it.  It is how we cope with it that is going to make the difference.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

2 Responses to A Season of Broken-ness

  1. Christina Sabra Spicuzza December 2, 2015 at 8:34 am #

    Thank you for this post!!! This sounds like my last 3 months… And I have been letting the depression take over. This was an uplifting message o needed to read today!!

  2. Nicole Plymesser Nelson February 10, 2016 at 1:16 pm #

    Christina, Sorry I didn’t reply sooner. I am so glad you were uplifted that day, and I hope the blog has helped on other days as well. I will keep praying for you! Depression is always lurking around the corner, but can win over it!

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