Sure as Dawn


Isn’t this a lovely verse?

I am becoming a fan of the Old Testment and especially the prophet poets.  So many lovely images.

I love that Jesus’ appearing is as “sure as the dawn.”  How comforting.  That is what I want the church to be:  comforting.  I want to share that comfort and joy with all.  I want God to lead me down the right path in the right direction to do just that.

Just had an epiphany:  I sit here on Tuesday afternoon writing the posts for this week.  I literally have had 30 minutes since Jeff left and I have 5 more until the red bus (Felix the Ford Flex) pulls out to start picking up and dropping off.  I sat down without a plan–I have been struggling all week with what to post, which art, what words.  I started with the right direction post–and that wasn’t what I had half planned at all.  And it has flowed.  Three posts in 30 minutes.  That never happens.

But it did.  Because I let God talk.  Not me.  I think he showed me a path.  What do you think?  I am thinking I am supposed to find the path that shows the church and all its members how to love and comfort and show joy to all of those who need the church.

And that thought leads me to an opportunity to thank all of you.  Thanks for letting me show up and try to follow that path.  Thanks for reading, for sharing, for buying, for giving.  Thanks for helping show the love and comfort and joy.  Thanks for joining me in this walk along God’s path.  Thanks for letting me into your gardens.

Hugs to you all.  May God bless you with the sureness of the dawn.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.
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