More Light

light and salvation

Another play on yesterday’s theme.  This time a light bulb for each piece of the trinity:  Father, Son, Holy Ghost.  Putting out some seriously awesome light.  That is filled with love.  Say it in your head…luuuuv.  🙂

Light and love.  Light and love.  Light and love.

Let that be your mantra for today.

As you go into work:  light and love.

As you clean up the house:  light and love.

As you deal with people annoying you:  light and love.

As you are surrounded with your favorite people:  light and love.

As you care for your self:  light and love.

As you sleep:  light and love.

Not the things of the former self and past, but right now:  LIGHT.  LOVE.


Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.


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