White as Snow


I love this old hymn.  I painted this one last year during the spring actually–all the pear trees were in bloom and it seemed like it was snowing out there were so many white petals on the breeze and in the new grass.

Right now there is real snow on the ground and I need this reminder of spring.  🙂  But I do love a fresh snow fall.  The fat flakes so big that you can see the intricate designs.  The tiny bits of glitter flakes that sparkle in the sun.  The wet ones that cling to the trees and make it a fairy wedding world.

And…I like how all of those visuals remind me of how Jesus forgives my every sin when I hand them over to Him.  He makes me fresh, blooming, glittering, a new bride.  Isn’t that a wonderful picture in the mind?  Imagine yourself that way.  In my head, that is what I want to look like in heaven as an angel.

Here is a version of this song.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

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