Trust with All Your Heart


That is a doozy of a verse now isn’t it?  Trust with ALL your heart.  Do not rely on your own understanding.  When all I want to do is think about something until I have it reconciled in my noggin and go with that plan.  And sometimes I luck out and that is God’s plan, but not all the time.  Actually, rarely.  Because He usually thinks much bigger and outside the box.  I tend to just go with what looks like will be the easiest path.  🙂

But I am getting better at this one.  And I realize every time that my understanding of a situation is so limited.  My rationalizing doesn’t include a full picture.  God’s does.  And when I give stuff over to Him, He seems to do a pretty good job with it.

So I am working on this–using my whole heart to trust.  Relying on God and not myself.  How about you?

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

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