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I think that a lot of people expect Faith and Spirituality to be easy.  They think, “OK  I believe now!  Whoohoo!  Everything is going to go right!  I will just always have this fervor for Christ.”  or  “I have believed for years and years.  I got this.  Been there done that.”

But both of those are wrong-o.  We gotta work at this faith thing!  It is just like any job, hobby, relationship–the more work, heart, and time you put into it the better it is going to be.  And with Faith–it must be for GOD.  Not for some church building and people, not some blog, not some charity, not for fame, not fortune (really there are few people who make a lot of money off faith).  Because then it isn’t real either.

No, brothers and sisters we gotta work at it.  I know my faith has changed dramatically since I started working on my own faith on a daily basis.  When I started this faith art journaling I was in the complacency stage of faith–been there, already taught it in the Sunday school and gave it away in the fund drive.  But when I got back into my Bible and talked with God a lot more, when I praised him through songs all day, when I filled my time with the purpose of being friends with Jesus–ohhh, the blessings of faith started rolling in.  I feel peaceful, I feel hopeful, I feel loved.

That is worth working for right there.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.


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