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My concentration is off today. Do you ever have those days?

I did the other blog posts for this week over the weekend.  Now it is Wednesday–I was very productive yesterday.  But today–not so much.  I have been wandering from thing to thing.  I go to do something, and get distracted by something else, I called someone but got voicemail, Phoebe did most of her homeschooling by herself.  So I thought, I will sit down and finish my blogging for the week.  And this is all I can come up with!

But the good news with this artpiece is–it works with my state of mind!  Know how?  I know that because I am faithful to God, He will be faithful to me.  I can trust He will help me focus again and get back on track.  I can trust that He will take care of me in the mean time and keep me safe from harm–because who knows what I might do to myself in the meantime.  Probably slide down the stairs, or at least walk into a door.  He will watch out for me that the deadlines I am encroaching on will get filled eventually.

So I am going to say a little prayer here for focus.  Thank Jesus for being faith full when I depend on Him.  And know that my world will be all right.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

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