Laugh Breathe Repeat

laugh as much as you breathe

I am super excited people!!!  This weekend will be full of laugh breathe repeat.  I am driving to Iowa for a wonderful weekend:  I get to meet my new niece Ada Grace, my sister is coming from Ohio with her kids to meet her too, so that means lots of family and cousin time.  Love it!

And as a bonus:  I am doing demos at Stepping Stones Christian Store in Marshalltown and then a Bible and faith art journaling workshop.  AND my mom and sister are coming with me to make it a girls’ day.  Yippee!  (Side note…if you are interested in having me visit your local store or church check out my teaching/speaking page and contact me!)

So I guarantee there will be a LOT of laughter.  And laughter is so so good for the soul.  I try to laugh as much as I can these days.

There have been a lot of times in my life without laughter–truly I could not get a sound to come out but would just shake.  I wanted to laugh, I wanted to enjoy life and I just couldn’t.  So when I finally started healing from depression I made a concious decision to laugh OUT LOUD.  I might be annoying now.  But I don’t care.  In those bad times I was actually jealous of people I knew with loud belly laughs–the ones you can recognize from across a room.  I wanted desperately to be one of those people.  And now I work on it.  I let myself laugh.  Loud.  Crazy.  And I let myself FEEL the laughter.  And I am so much better for it.

My prayer for you today and forever is that you laugh breathe repeat…just keep the laughter going with every moment of life.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

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