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Remember how last week I was praying for discernment–what to choose–the earthly “responsible” thing, or what God wants?  I had someone tell me that maybe instead of signs what to do I needed to pray for closed doors.  I needed to pray that God would slam some shut and give me a big ole sign…GO THIS WAY DINGALING.

Well, He did it.  Let me tell you how…with a little background… I am in a study of Revelation that meets weekly through Bible Study Fellowship International (BSF).  They meet all over the world.  I had several friends who really encouraged me to join this last spring.  I did because I had never read Revelation and wanted to really get a good grasp of it, not just read and not understand.  It takes a big chunk of time, and I feel guilty about how much time–but God is using it to really call me up and out!

Over the course of the study several things have been standing out to me.

  • One:  God is insanely patient and will give us all chance after chance, and sign after sign, that we should trust and believe in Him.  God wants to have ALL His babies close to Him.  The final judgements are all about giving people more opportunities to turn to Him.
  • Two:  He is calling those who do believe to do the work on earth to bring everyone to Him.  God knows the work of many hands is better.

And this week these things screamed out at me:

  • One:  He assigns each of us a platform to proclaim His word.
  • Two:  My witness–my everyday life and actions– is a legacy of my faith.  What do I want MY legacy to be?
  • Three:  Obviously, it is time for me to get out there–use my art as a legacy of faith.

As I read the study, heard the lecture, and then read the notes–those three things kept coming up.  And then, as usual, I sat down to the blog and guess what I had planned for today over a month ago.  

God is calling me in a big way to rise up, take courage, and just do it!  Use my art platform to leave a legacy of faith and love.  

In fact this same verse has popped up several times…remember this version of it?Scan-036

What do you think?  I think God slapped me upside the head this week.  I think that He is like…climb up that big tree you little tiny frog.  Get out there!  More on that tomorrow…

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

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