Rise to Standing

stand in Christ giraffe

Here is another way to RISE UP.  Stand tall.

This one isn’t flying, or climbing, but standing tall.  (Even for a shorty 5’2″ like me!)  Standing GIRAFFE tall.  One night this fall I sat down and sketched  several animals and then added the verses and thoughts later–a frog, a lightning bug, a giraffe, an elephant and owl.  Hence, why I planned an all animal week to share.  I did not plan that they would come together this way.  But they are.

Rising up–going to new places and new heights.

Until He returns.  Studying Revelation–the preparations for Christ to return for His believers and all the many steps to give people more opportunities to believe.  For me, it is learning that God needs me to help with this.

Calls me home.  He is calling me, and you dear friend, to draw near to Him.  Someday, it will happen in a very permanent way. But even during our time on Earth, He wants us to grow in faith and be close to His heart.

In the power of Christ I stand. This is the sweet spot.  Where the roads are clear.  In the light.  Where we can shine and climb and rise up.

This, this place of height, is where I should be.  Standing tall and proud of my faith.  Ready to leave that legacy –that I am proud of the art talent God gave me.  I am proud of my faith.  I want to share the sweet peace of it with everyone.  And because I am trusting, God is making that platform bigger every day.

How can He make a difference in you?  What is your height?  Are you proud of your faith?  Or hiding behind it?  Are you in the sweet spot of Christ’s light in your life?   Are you READY to be?


Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.


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