Did you notice?

did you take time to notice God

It’s easy to see the beautiful flowers.  We love trolling through Facebook and sharing the good stuff don’t we?  I love sharing my good artwork on here, not the mess ups or the ugly pages (and they are there).

But this week we are taking about the weeds.  Have you taken the time to notice God in them today? Have you taken time to notice God today at ALL?  Or have you been going about your business?

Where is God hiding in your day?  Where is He blatantly obvious?

Is He…

  • in the pile of dirty dishes you stand and clean in hot water and iridescent bubbles?
  • in the clean water you drink?
  • in the pile of clean clothes to put on our bodies?
  • in the plate of food?  or even the drive-thru bag?
  • in the stack of bills for shelter?
  • in the smiles and hugs of loved ones?
  • in the nod from a stranger?
  • in the sun shining?
  • in a phone call with a friend?

Watch for Him today.  Is he being a flower or a weed?


Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.
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