Trust Builds a Home

everyone who honors your name

I do love to draw a tall house!  I have enough to last all week!  I kind of go in spurts of drawing them, so there are always more.

Anyhoo–back to our topic on homes this week–I think we will look at what it takes to build a home that serves God.

I am thinking this verse is the first step in making a home of light and love that serves all people for God. Going to the big guy first.  Depending on Him.  Trusting Him.  Because He makes it easy after that!

Like how I spelled faithful wrong?  Maybe I did that on purpose subliminally.  🙂  Because I love the thought that we are, and He is, faith FULL when we trust and depend on Christ.  Especially when we COMPLETELY TRUST.    There is a difference between just trusting and completely trusting and realizing we cannot do it without God.  I have realized that in the last few years.  I am trusting completely, and I can feel a difference.

I want my trust to be like that overflowing cup verse, or a home overflowing with love.  A home so full of faith and love and trust that it puffs out the chimney.  That the shutters are thrown wide.  So full that you welcome people in those open windows and doors.  So full you trust God to keep you safe and want to stand on a tall rooftop or climb a tree to honor Him.

Our homes can be, and should be, filled with TRUST.  And He will honor that trust always.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

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