Wisdom, Understanding and Knowledge Build a Home

by wisdom house is built

Isn’t that a great verse?  I love Proverbs, so many little nuggets of awesome-ness.  So here is how I interpret this one:

Wisdom builds a house–wisdom to know God and follow a life that honors Him and His commands–which are to love Him and love others.  Any time I hear of a broken home there was somebody that did something stupid and that didn’t trust God.  Yep.  Easy to do, but always a crappy consequence.

Understanding keeps that house–understanding the above wisdom keeps us on track!  Understanding establishes a strong foundation.

Knowledge–the knowledge to seek wisdom and understanding.  AND the knowledge of what those rare and beautiful treasures are–and it is not some fancy schmancy doodad you picked up at the mall, or a Sotheby’s auction, or wherever.  OH no.  These are treasures of far greater worth–ones that out last anything earthly–love, acceptance, respect, honor, freedom, trust, hope, legacy, the things we truly crave.  See the symbols I put in the windows of the house, to me they symbolize all of those things.

What do you think?  How would you interpret this one?  What would your symbols be?


Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

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