Waves of the Sea

commanded and raised stormy wind

I guess I am thinking a lot about the different landforms this week!  Ha!  I have talked about mountains, prairies, hikes through forests, and now I have some waves of the ocean for you.  Are you drawn to God’s creation or man’s creations?  There’s something to chew on…

Will you follow the path God has lined out for you?  Will you follow a path that is man-created and laid out?  How does the Bible instruct us to live vs. how man instructs us?  Will man command and raise the winds to help us?  Or will he leave us sinking.  Or leave us high…and dry.

We do need to go to the Bible.  We do need to look ahead at what God has planned.  We do have to trust. No matter what the plans of man cannot compete with what God is capable of doing in our lives.  I know which one I will try to trust.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

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