Revelation Pieces

blessed hear and keep

I have referenced my Revelation study often this year.  I am getting a lot out of it.  But I am not illustrating it very much.  There are a lot of crazy images.  A lot of scary, thought provoking images of destruction and judgement–images I am not sure I want to put on paper.  I had never read this book before.  But I am so glad I am!  And especially glad to be in this particular setting…going through it slowly and with purpose.  Because most of it is ending up leaving me more convicted than ever in my faith and in my call to share the good news of the gospel with others.  It is also making me more aware that faith doesn’t mean life on earth is any easier–it is all about the joys we will experience later and the wrath we can escape.  This verse from the very beginning says it all–those who hear, who believe, who keep strong, who keep what is written will be pulled close to God, we will be marked as His, we will not only survive the wrath of Satan, but we will join Jesus in being triumphant over sin.  How cool is that?

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

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