The Lamb will be the Shepherd

lamb at the center of the throne

Lots of lamb and shepherd images have been playing in my head this winter.

  • Jesus as the lamb who was sacrificed.  The one who gave up being a king to be crucified in a lowly manner like a common, dispensable lamb, for each of us.
  • Jesus as the shepherd who leads us all to a better way of life, of learning, of joy in serving.
  • Me as a lamb following Jesus without question, trusting He will take care of all my needs.
  • Me as a shepherd, showing other lambs the way to Jesus.
  • Those in leadership roles around me, or just friends and family who have shepherded me and my children and husband.
  • Those who are lambs still wandering.

And the thought that keeps following me:  Feed my sheep–one at a time.

Just one.  If all I feed is one this day–may it be me, may it be you–feed one sheep this day.  Bring that one sheep to the spring of life.  Be enough.  Recognize Jesus is enough.  Teach that Jesus is enough.

Have you thought about these images?  Where do you see you?  How do you see Jesus?  Especially with Easter coming soon–so much to think about.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

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