Leaves of Healing



We actually haven’t studied this section yet.  But last fall I needed a bookmark project for Faith Crafter.  I went outside to gather leaves for the project.  I found lots fallen from the trees, but it was the weeds that were still holding on that grabbed my attention:  a dandelion, a mint, and I don’t even remember the other.

I thought about how they have medicinal properties, but we tend to overlook them.  I thought about their highly textured edges and lots of veining.  And I knew I wanted these leaves.

Then when I went to the Bible to look for a verse that talked about leaves or trees I came across this one in the concordance.  It would be perfect for the start of my BSF study.

You can read more about the tutorial and more in the first issue of Faith Crafter.  I have since made two more projects for the magazine.  You can find the links to purchase the full online magazine here:  www.faithcrafter.com

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