Be Thirsty My Friends

Oh God my god

Are you thirsty for His living water?   Not just thirsty enough that you smell the milk, it’s almost okay, so you drink it anyway.  Not just thirsty enough that you will drink the kool-aid in front of you.  Not just thirsty enough to drink what you see in a commercial.

But really thirsty.

Desiring deep, sighing gulps of cool, homemade lemonade on a 100 degree day after working in the yard thirsty.  Constant sips of hot coffee that you require to wake up thirsty.  So insanely thankful to chug that glass of water after eating ghost peppers thirsty.

How do you look for God?  Do you just take what is presented to you for granted?  Or do you look for what is meaningful?  Do you require more of His water everyday to keep you going and will you make time in your schedule and wait in line you want it so much?  Are you grateful for every ounce of water you get?

How thirsty are you?


Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

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