Is that what I ordered?

bow down and give thanks

Lot’s of questions are running through my own head lately, and it seems to be coming out in my writing, because I have more for you today.

Remember yesterday I asked if you were grateful for each sip of living water you get from God?

So let’s think of it this way.  You are in a restaurant and the waitress/waiter forgets to bring your drink, or refill it.  How do you go about asking/reminding him/her?  And then how do you react when you finally get it?  And it is not what you ordered?

Seems like the Jews had been really thirsty for a Messiah for a long time.  And God delivered.  In His own wonderful sweet time.  And then it wasn’t what the Jews ordered.

It was better.

But.  It still wasn’t what they wanted.  So they threw it out, threw a temper tantrum, and walked away.  Too bad, because if they had looked in the glass they would have realized they gave up the very best on the house drink ever.

How about you?  Have you accepted what God offered as His absolute best thing on the menu?  Or are you waiting for something just a little better?  Will you accept what God offered graciously, knowing that what He delivers is exactly what you need whether it is what you ordered or not?


Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

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