I am bound to be true…


Such a wise wise man, Lincoln.

This goes right along with the other day–basically it is the exact same words.  Just in a little more scholarly approach.

I am not bound to win at life everyday–not when I am a hot mess, and not when sin is in the world, and not when I am an imperfect human.  I am just not going to win every time.

But, I am bound to TRY.  I am bound and determined to be true to the unique person God made me, even if it is a glorious hot mess.

And when I do accept that truth, I am more bound to succeed.  For I will live up to the unique person God made me, using the unique talents He gifted me with.  I will have a far greater chance of succeeding SHINING MY LIGHT rather than trying to follow in someone else’s shadow.

Are you following me on this?

Are you seeing yourself in all of this?

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.
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