Crown Your Efforts


Let’s pray today:

God, we know that when we put you first that you direct our paths.  We know that we need only follow you and your golden road to salvation.  But sometimes it is hard in this world to stay on the path, to not look to the right or the left and wonder…and even worry.

Help us Lord to put you first in everything.  Focus our thoughts on the road ahead that leads to you.  Purify our hearts with your love and tenderness that we may step out in faith that glorifies you in everything.  Train our eyes to keep your plans for the future in our vision.  Strengthen our hands to resolve to do your good works.

We are grateful Lord that we know you will crown us with the amazing gift of love, hope, and life with you when we do all of this in your name.  We are grateful that the ultimate success is to bask in your favor.  We are grateful that you give us so many opportunities to do this for you.


Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

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