Shoot for the Moon

shoot for the moon

Here is another one of those future quotes–I love that it is about light…I am pretty sure that Les Brown was not talking about the light of God, but for me that is what I am focusing on.  So there you go.

As Christians we want to live up to Christ’s commands and a purer life.  We know what is right.  We know we should reach for higher standards.  Shoot for the moon per se.

But we are human…God knows it, He expects it.  So the truth is that we will never attain that PURE life.  Except when we reach heaven and our souls are made new in Christ.  We will join all the other shiny , newly clean souls –I like to visualize it as we are all little glowing stars orbiting the greatest light of all.

I plan to be one of those stars–awesome.  fabulous.  plan accomplished.  I hope you are one, too.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

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