Action Verb Week #1: Probe and examine

probe my heart

I noticed lots of action verbs when I was trying to decide which pieces to share this week, and a series formed.  I hope they call us to action.  🙂

This first one reminded me of dissecting the frog this spring with Phoebe for homeschooling.  There was a lot of probing and examining.  We weren’t sure about any part of the process.  What would we find in the box?  Would it be smelly?  What would it be like to cut the frog? What would be inside?  How would we react?   And we discovered, there was no evil in that frog.  It didn’t smell too bad, it wasn’t hard to cut him up because as we discovered more about his body and the amazing way God designed it, we were more and more curious and couldn’t get enough knowledge.

When God probes us, He has a better idea of what to expect, because He knows us.  He designed us.  He planned.  But we still have free will–He still comes to  us to examine what is in our hearts–and to see if we will confess it to Him and be honest.

Do your prayers include letting Him examine your heart?  Or are they filled with what you want, think you need?  Are you planning evil, just by wanting things your own way????  How would you respond to a deep probing test and examination?

As I consider this, I am not sure what Jesus would find.  I think there is no evil, but I can be pretty selfish and judgemental.  I am thinking I need to let Him probe me a little deeper.  And I need to ready my heart for that kind of examination.


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