Action Verb Week #2: Be, excel, work

be steadfast

Here is the good news about all of that probing and examining–that hard work is not in vain.  I love that this verse starts with the name BELOVED.  God loves us in an amazingly deep way.  He is willing to work valiantly to gain our heart.  All He really wants is for us to choose Him and work valiantly to share this truth with others that they will choose Him.

Just like little bees working valiantly to care for their queen and colony.  We don’t need to care for our King, but we do for the colony.  Notice it isn’t for the work OF the Lord, but IN the Lord.  IN.  Caring for the colony.  Excelling at caring.  Faithfully caring.  Knowing that we are not working to gain God’s favor, and not to see immediate results, but to build our own faith, to build the faith of others, for we are already beloved.  So that when God looks into our hearts, He does not find evil, but a steadfast faith in Him and gratitude for being beloved.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

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