Action Verb Week #4: Stand, Strive


Kind of a silly little picture, I wasn’t especially careful with the lettering–I think I was in a hurry that morning.  But I still really like this one.

Faith can be a tricky balancing act, can’t it?  We know as Christians what we should do and think.  But we are human in a crazy world.  Sometimes we feel like we are standing with both feet planted firmly on the ground.  Sometimes, we feel like we only have one foot down and the other is doing who knows what:  flinging about?  tucked up nicely hiding?  Or …maybe like a flamingo–balanced quite well, actually.

I think God knows and understands this plight.  He knows our hearts.  He has probed them.  So He understands when we are standing only on one foot, and He trusts we will put that foot down at some point and move forward.  He knows we are firm in spirit.  He knows when we are standing in faith.

I also like the side by side part…He calls us to fellowship with other Christians.  He knows we need them next to us.  Being in one mind for the faith–we can encourage each other to move forward–to strive to be better Christians, to tell more people.

God is so good like that.  In one simple little verse.  It is saturated with love, hope, comfort, and still a call to love one another and share the gospel.  Stand.  Strive.  He knows.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

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