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So how are you communicating that you:

  • that you know it is a good day
  • that you are more valuable to God
  • that you are going to harvest joy in Him
  • that His gift is free for you, by His power
  • that you are drinking that holy living water
  • that you are living a life that other’s should want?


The great thing is this–God intended each of us to communicate His gift and message in a unique way special to each of us.

Mine is art.

Yours might be gardening, caring for the sick, cooking, caring for little people, singing.  Maybe it is just smiling.  I don’t know–but God does.  And so do you.  You know what He designed you to be good at.  How can you use that gift to share that living water?



Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.
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