Happy Father’s Day!

I am so blessed to still have both of my parents, and that I am close to both of them.  That is not something that I take for granted.  It’s time for a shout out to my dad, Craig Plymesser.  IMAG2663
He can be a jolly soul and I love his grin and laugh.  He is a little bit ornery, likes to tease, and joke–so we get to see that smile a lot now–especially since he retired!

My dad worked super hard when we were little.  I am so proud of his work ethic.  He is one smart dude, persistent, dependable, and an achiever.  He passed all of those traits down to me–or I learned by them by his great example.  He was gone a lot, but we knew why, and he made sure we knew that he still really cared about us.

Now that he is retired we get to enjoy him even more!  And he loves to spoil his kids and grandkids!

It is because of his hard work and generosity that we get to go to St. Maarten.

See?  Love his sense of humor!  1430325777024 He is not one to get down and play with toys, but he does love to treat us to eating out!  He likes good food, and likes to share his favorite restaurants with us–and sit and talk for hours.

I can always count on my dad for good advice.20160330_121355IMAG2163IMAG2842


He does love to golf, something he can share with the grandkids more and more now.  He even lets Phoebe drive the golf cart.  And the lawn mower–rides with Papa on his mower has always been a treat and fave with the kiddos.  IMAG4582

He loves soft stuff–he loves to pet cats and dogs.  And he spoils them way more than he likes to admit and he gets a huge kick out of trying to guess what they would say.  IMAG4367 (1)IMG_1721

He is one great guy.  Tanner has so many of his mannerisms.  I love you dad!

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.
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