Although I am all for celebrating our military service people, I am even more for celebrating each and every person who keeps freedom alive in our country from the newborn to the elderly on a daily basis.

I am for celebrating those people who serve each other in love, patience, with a smile on their face–enjoying the fact they were able to choose how to serve people today.

I am for celebrating all those people who use their freedoms every day and are respectful that in our country we have the freedom to be in a majority as well as the minority on an issue.  And that we can all coexist in a country of freedom in love when we try to.

I am for celebrating those people who take the time to teach the next generations what it means to have freedom, and to be responsible with it.  Free politically, free religiously, free from addictions, free from debt, free from anger and bitterness, free from the past and able to look ahead.

And as a Christian, I am thankful that our founding forefathers were Christian as well.  That they came to America to spread the gospel, to live freely in the Word and the promise that the freedom here in America was nothing compared to the freedom we experience through Jesus.

Happy Birthday America



Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.
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