He will hear


I had to do a lot of waiting to hear what God was going to reply this spring.  And really my whole life.  But isn’t that the way of God?  We ask everyday, He hears, we wait, He answers.  It is the waiting part that is so hard, but also so worth it.  We must just look to God.  Continually look to God.  Continually wait.  He does hear our calls.

Our new house sat on the market, empty, for a year and a half.  Those poor people.  I am sure their waiting was horrid.  But…for me, I am glad it was available.  I almost feel like the house has been waiting for me.  There was just something when I walked through the door.  It needs a lot of TLC and a good deep cleaning, some new paint, and God knows it needs new bathrooms stat.  But none of that mattered to me.  I walked around and saw what it could be.  And God had answered my prayers.  For years I have been wandering realtor.com looking at old houses, just waiting until the day came when I could have one.

I think God looks at us the same way.  He sees what we can be.  Not what we are right now.  He hears us, and He wants us to be more than we imagine.  Sometimes what we ask for isn’t the bigger and better thing He has planned.  So He must wait on us.  Ever thought of it that way?  He hears.  He waits for us.  He knows what wonderful things could be.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.
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