I found Sirach, a book included in the apocrypha and so only included in some Bibles.  Such beautiful imagery along with the proverbs collected here.

If only we would believe this!  Jesus melts away all of our sins when we believe and turn to Him.  Melts.  Them.  AWAY.

Have you ever really looked at an early morning frost?  How they sparkle in the sun, they looked so lovely and like such a good idea in the beginning.  Until you see that if left, they will kill everything they cover.  But the sun comes out, warming everything, promising that it is not time yet–and all the frost melts, disappears, evaporates.  All of it—like each and every little crystal was a sin –each time we didn’t forgive, or assumed, or spewed hate, or didn’t rest, or went against God.  Gone.  Evaporated into thin air.  And green grass left behind.  Ready to face another day.

What if all peoples believed this?  What if we started each day free of our sins and bitterness? What if we looked at each new day as another opportunity to get it right?

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.
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