Friends and wine


How perfect is this at this time in my life????  I am writing this during one of my last weeks in Illinois (working ahead so there are posts when I am away from computers).  And I am enjoying wine with a lot of old friends.    Many times this year I enjoyed the opportunity to break bread and share drinks with old friends from other states, other seasons.  Each time, we sat and talked like we had never been separated.  Not only did it make me cherish those friends more, but it comforted me as I readied to leave friends in Illinois.  For I knew, I will never abandon them, I just won’t see them as often.   And I knew I would be returning to friends in Iowa.

This verse comforts me as I prepare to make new friends as well.  When we moved to Illinois I had this crazy notion that I needed to make friends immediately, ones that I could share everything with.  I don’t feel that way this time.  I understand what the writer means–it is okay to let new friendships ripen on the vine and let them age until they can be fully enjoyed.  I can’t expect too much too soon.  And I shouldn’t forsake the old while waiting on the new.

Hopefully this comforts some of my old friends as well.  You will always have places in my heart, and in my home wherever that may be.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

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