the RIGHT leader


Oh wow, did this one hit hard.  Our nation is in a precarious position as far as I am concerned.  Those of you who are older probably remember other times when it felt like America was in crisis, but I don’t.  I am concerned for our government and the leaders our citizens are choosing.  I know there have been other scary seasons, and this one may not be any different, but it still makes me wary.  All I can think is that sometimes, throughout the Bible, bad leaders rose up.  Bad leaders led to a fall, and then a cleansing.

But mostly, this verse makes me trust.  God will raise up the right leaders.  He will make Jesus more and more apparent.  He will bring people to point us to Jesus.  God knows what needs to happen.  He will protect His believers –it may be that He will protect us from the evil by taking us to heaven, and we must accept that plan.  He never promised that we wouldn’t face persecution and struggles here.  Not once.  In fact He promises we will.   So we must look to the end, and plan our choice.

And in the face of an uncertain future on Earth, trust that He will carry out His plans for good.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

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