A bouquet of happy thoughts


I do love a bouquet of flowers.  I was sort of hoping that the house we found in Belmond would already have a lush garden, or at least an area where I could plant lots of old fashioned favorites:  cosmos, zinnia, bachelor buttons, holly hocks.  But most of our yard is in shade…except for the common area shared with one neighbor between our driveways.  I may just have to talk Eunice into letting me plant it.  🙂

Bouquets are beautiful.  Even if they are ditch flowers (I love ditch lilies and queen Anne’s lace).  I love the freedom of a loose bouquet.  Single flowers are nice.  But more is better in my opinion.  And these bouquets remind me to pause, and be thankful for the beauty in my life.  Did you make a list on Friday?  Did you really try to notice more things of beauty?  And not cultural beauty necessarily, but what speaks to you?

This is basically my whole philosophy when teaching art.  Everyday I get to indoctrinate children 🙂 to my way of thinking.  And I hope it changes their lives.  I know it changes my life when I look at things  this way.

And by the way, Annika just got up and told me, “I like your eggs.”  Yes, I agree, they look fried eggs.  We decided we still like the art though.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.
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