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The kids and I watched Shallow Hal with Jack Black last week.  Jeff and I really like Jack Black humor, as do the kids (Nacho Libre) is a family favorite.  But as much as we enjoyed the humor of the movie, I love the message too. Tony Robbins (a motivation speaker) hypnotizes Jack’s character to see the true beauty of a person’s soul, rather than their outer beauty.  And anyone who is really mean or nasty, he sees as ugly.

It even made me stop and think.  Jeff always teases me because I tell him how gorgeous I think he is–but it is because I see him through the glasses of love–his soul amazes me.  The same thing with my kids.  I think they are the cutest things around–but I am also very proud of their character.

What if we tried really hard to look at everyone this way?  Just like we have been looking for the little wonders and beauty in creation, what if we truly stopped and looked at people in this manner?  How would that change our country?  The world?  What if more people looked past skin deep and we put more emphasis on character and soul?

It would be interesting to see how that affected celebrities and sports heroes that is for sure.  If the money/power goggles were gone, I think a lot of ugliness would show.

Today…tell someone how gorgeous they are.  That you can see their fantastic soul glowing through and that it lights their aura.  Or whatever you wanna say.  🙂

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.
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