Getting Started


So time for a bit of honesty–I don’t actually start my day with God.  First, I make coffee.  It is true.  I prefer a cup o’ joe while I get my Jesus on.  But–since coffee is the sweet nectar of God, and I am crazy thankful He created it, and I love nothing better than a cuppa with a good friend–it works out.  I get my mug, sit down with my best friend, and we DO things.  Restoring, heart deep, brain provoking things.  And coffee helps this process.

Do you have a routine?  I have found that my routine encourages me to take that time out for God.  I have found my routine refreshes me for a wonderful whole new day.  Now THAT is sweet nectar.  Maybe do you have coffee while you read this?  That is kind of fun!  Kind of like we are sitting down like friends.  And Jesus promises wherever two or more are, He is there.  So He is with us as well.

Oh yes, that is sweet nectar dear friends.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.
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