Dual Thoughts on Passion

I am cleaning out the old blog files, looking for all of the different pieces I never got around to posting.  Deleting double uploads.  All that kind of organizational stuff I haven’t done in ages, trying to plan posts for this fall to make it easier with my new teaching schedule.  I ran across these from over a year ago.  passion is not reasonablesupport and complement leader

I think I did these within weeks of each other.  At first as I looked at them I saw two conflicting messages.  Then I saw how they work together.

Maybe we are supposed to follow our passion for CHRIST.  Or use the things that tug at our hearts, follow the dreams that are unreasonable, commit to the things we feel we must do–IF they support the ultimate leader, Jesus Christ, and His teachings.

I can testify that as soon as I used my passion to spread the love of God my heart found peace.  My enthusiasm for creating and sharing visual arts with others found an outlet that I could no longer contain, that brought me and others such joy I couldn’t help but continue.

I know people who have followed their passions for counseling, cake baking, building, music, teaching, gardening, and more–that when they realized they could take that zeal and channel it for Christ, they found the same energy I did.   What passion do you have in your life that you can use to support and complement the greatest leader of all time?


Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.
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