John 16:33: He has OVERCOME

take heart I have overcome

Here ya go, everyone worried about these elections:  Life will go on.  We will have trouble, that is a given.  But those of us who believe in Christ, we have HOPE.  Because our leader, the greatest leader of all time, the one with the longest tenure, the one with the most reach, the most powerful, the most creative, the most loving, the fairest–He, God incarnate through Jesus Christ, has overcome this place we call earth.

No matter what happens in government, we can still keep on doing our thing.  Others have proved it in countries where religion isn’t even allowed.  We can still go about our day to day living and loving others like Jesus.  We can prove His greatness through our actions of peace and love.  We can look forward to the time to come.  And we can spread that hope through our people–it is going to be needed.

Maybe this is all planned–maybe this will help more people turn to God.  Just maybe people will see that corruption and greed and disgusting lives don’t pay off in joy, but believing does.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.
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