Psalm 121 Iowa version

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I am going to look to the gorgeous plains here.  Not a lot of hills in our area…in fact one neighborhood is referred to as “the” hill. LOL

But it is fine with me.  One of my favorite views here is a wide expanse of rolling prairie.  The farmers are very hard at work all hours of the day trying to bring in the harvest.  That view is amazing to me–it shows the vastness of God’s reach, of His mighty creation, of how He provides even in the midst of evil and nature working against what we humans might think we need.  I see treasures being stored in bins, and I also see treasures in heaven being stored as a people are thankful and hopeful and trusting no matter what the outcome of the sale of the grain.

God will help us.  If not here, then in our hearts and in His heaven.  Blessed be His name.  Hallelujah.


Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.
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