The wonderful counselor

wonderful counselor

*Isaiah 9:6

*a person trained to give guidance on personal, social, or psychological problems

And Jesus is the best of them all!  Go to Him today with your needs.  He will guide you through anything and everything.  And for free!  No insurance necessary.  No co pay.  No payment plans.  He already took care of any payment.

Plus He wrote the best self-help guide.  Seriously, no one on else on the bestseller list, no other writer/publisher in Barnes and Noble, on Amazon , or anywhere else can top His book.  It was written for each of us, directly speaking to every individual, by the person who created and designed each of us.  God knows exactly what we are looking for.

Open it up each day and just see what it can do for you.  Lay down on His couch and pour out your heart.  See if He can’t give you the guidance to deal with the human world.  He can’t change what happens sometimes–but He can help us cope with it.


Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.
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