Cheerfully Give Where He Wants


Giving.  It can be hard.  It can be easy.  Depends on what  it is we are giving, who is asking, we is deciding, the place, the person–who, what, when, where.  Right?

And it is easy to give too much.  Or too little.

The thing that we have to really consider is the WHY.  If we are doing it for Christ, in love, in cheerfulness–then it is right.  Do what isn’t necessarily comfortable, but what in the end fills us with a joy from God.  Our world is filled with all sorts of opportunities.  Each one isn’t for everyone.  I used to think I had to do it all.  That isn’t God’s plan.

Giving money to certain charities leaves me feeling to others fills me with peace.  Those are the ones I should probably give more to.  That is where GOD is directing me.

There are places I love to volunteer my time–and I could spend hours doing it.  And not mind a bit.  There have been other times that I have realized the volunteering caused heartache and filled me with poison.  That is when I knew that was not how God wanted me to serve–it was time to find where HE wanted me–not other people.

Find where you can serve and give with a cheerful heart, where GOD wants you.  It makes all the difference in bringing you closer to HIM–the whole reason behind giving in the first place.


Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.
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