A Permanent Home


This is another reason I am not afraid to count my days here on earth.  This is not my permanent home.  I trust that God has a much bigger and better plan for me and for ALL those who believe in Him, who choose to love and trust Him.

Francis Chan uses a rope as a really great visual—about 6 inches of a rope is red, and the rest of it, which is crazy long, is plain.  The red is our life on earth, the plain is eternity.  The point is we are supposed to consider which part of the rope is more important/bigger/ better (hopefully!) and plan each day accordingly.

I sympathize with people who think it is just over at the last breath, that is scary.  No wonder they want life on earth to be perfect.  No wonder they have so many questions and fears.

I hope you aren’t worried.  I hope that you know where your permanent home is.




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