Keep Giving Thanks


I found this fun blackboard like vinyl thingie to put on my door at school.  I write up all sorts of things…happy Friday, choose joy, you know stuff like that.  This month I have been writing one thing everyday I am grateful for.  Some have been very solemn, like veterans, some a little more lighthearted like halo oranges.  But I am trying to cultivate gratitude among the kids.

Some days it can be hard to think of something.  But when I do stop, practice the pause, and thank Jesus for even the tiniest of blessing, my day goes a whole lot better.

I love Paul’s words here to not give up on doing good.  To not become weary of spreading the Good News.  We may need to slow down at times to rest, but it will pay off to stay in the game.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.
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