Prayer and more prayer


I have tried to up the ante on my prayer life this year.  I have been keeping a separate little art journal where I write down prayers.  I try to record a few each day.  The whole practice the pause idea has been good for me also.  Especially at school, I can get overwhelmed and frustrated and I just sit at my desk a moment and pray to Jesus to remind me of what He expects from me.

My prayers have changed.  I rarely pray…”change that person”, “make this go my way”, “make this happen”.  Because Lord knows…that I DON’T KNOW diddly!  LOL.  He has a plan of how things work.  So I pray for wisdom, discernment, joy, peace, strength, patience, love, for Him to work in me so that I can understand His plan.  I pray that He will help me bless these other people and be a gentle light to them that they will find peace.

It has relaxed me, all this prayer.  My desire to control is lessening…most of the time.  🙂  Letting God do the worrying and planning is working out.

Do you pray?  How do you pray?  What do you pray for?  How often do you talk to Jesus?  Have you let it transform you?

Think about those things today. Even better…pray on it.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.
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