I have been busy preparing for Christmas.  I decorated the house, I made caramels with the kids, baked some cookies for an exchange, went to several programs.  Jeff did most of the shopping this year thank goodness ( I don’t like that part).

But this year, the whole time, I have been consciously preparing my heart.  Ya’ll know I love listening to Pandora and I created two Christmas stations–one was all accapella and instrumental groups, and the other was gospel.  This way I surrounded myself with Christian music.  It kept me humming hymns to God under my breath all day.  It kept me focused on HIM.

I have been making art each morning, but a lot of it won’t make it to the blog, I let it get personal–scribbly journaling art.  I was confessing, praying, readying my heart.  And it has felt good.

I hope that you too have been able to prepare your heart for this season of glory and wonder.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.
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